Mussarussi is the aromatized wine of the Messina festival, obtained from the fermentation of freshly pressed must with cooked must flavored with black cherry leaves, carob, dried figs and unripe tangerines according to the ancient traditional recipe. Refinement: 6 months in steel on the lees.

Data sheet

Classification: aromatised wine.
Production area: Larderia Superiore village Messina – Sicily.
Production: 500 bottles.
Serving temperature: at 18°C, serving it in large wine glasses.
Alcohol content: 15.0%.
Contains no added sulphites.

Organoleptic analysis

Translucent amber of good consistency in the glass. A sweet roundup of baroque aromas and sensations reminiscent of carob, dried figs with walnuts, quinces and cloves. On the palate it has a caressing softness, well tempered by a thread of acidity that supports its good structure. Rich aftertaste with a pleasant return of sensations already perceived on the nose and with a pleasantly bitter finish.


We recommend pairing with Modica chocolate or the Messina Pignolata with cacao but also ideal for a pleasant and alternative after dinner or for a conversation with friends.